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Welcome to Malaysia Women Marathon

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Malaysia Women Marathon

The Malaysia Women Marathon 2015

Welcome back to the Malaysia Women Marathon. The 1st women marathon from South Asia to Australasia. We are back again, stronger for a 3rd edition and we can’t wait for to meet up with the ladies once more.

This is surely the marathon where women run because simply, they can.

The theme for MWM 2015 is Stand Up and Shine.

This is because for this year, we go into a pure ladies’ run. From the past two years experience, we are now more assured that women can run on their own for the longer distance without a male pacer. So here we are Ladies! We are ready to leave the guys by the sideline to cheer and support us. We have each other and to motivate on another.

However, if you still wish to have a personal male pacer. Write to us at malaysia.women.marathon.my@gmail.com and we will let you apply for your personal male pacer. He can only register once you have your registration ID. Please note that their registration fee will be cheaper as they will only be entitled to the race bag, finisher medal and bib(plus the entry to the expo, event day logistics). Their timing will be based on your finish time.

The jewel is within us! So ladies, let us Stand up and Shine! Let’s try to finish the race on our own.

Take that step to run a marathon if you haven’t tried. MWM’s running clinic is fashioned in a way we support long runs. We have a team of MWM girls and mentors to take the newbies for a structured long runs program. So have no fear about running far even though it is 42.195km. Running a marathon is a life changing experience that everyone should try it for once and fall in love with it.

As the previous years, the concept of the Malaysia Women Marathon is to invite a running star or a legend to grace the event and be keynote speaker. We will make announcements later. Our pre event program comes with a session to meet the legend and a women dialogue session. With us for the past two years were Kathrine Switzer, the first lady to run Boston Marathon officially with a bib in 1967 and Catherine Ndereba, 4 times Boston Marathon women champion, 2 times world champion and former world record holder.

Also there is MWM’s expo with great selection of women’s apparel. We are going to provide more surprises! We also have some interesting items to give you all this year and if you are back the 3rd time with us, we have a separate section for you in our expo to induct you in the MWM club.

See you on 8th March 2015!

Malaysia Women Marathon

The new and improved Cycle Asia Kuala Lumpur is back. Other than the Community ride (24km) and Challenge (48km) for adults, there are children category rides too to which one category provides for children to ride with their parents. The rides

Registration - Cycle Asia Kuala Lumpur

CYCLE ASIA MALAYSIA | 12-14 JUNE 2015 @ DATARAN MERDEKA6 CATEGORIES – THERE’S SURELY A RIDE FOR YOU THE BOOST JUICETRICYCLE RIDE 100-150m 2 to 5 years old Included within entry fee – T-shirt REGISTER NOW Normal RM35 | Late RM40 THE BOOST JUICEKIDS RIDE 5km (25mins) 6 to 9 years old Included within…

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X berbaloi. Mahal sgt. N goodies x cun sgt. Haha

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ade duit ke kalau hadiah dia...huhu...jom abg fahmi ajar...

Like · 20 May

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Somananda WD

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Putera Zul

Melawati 10km Run

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Cik Nuyoii

Hi admin.
tumpang iklan di sini.

Jemput semua hadir bagi memeriahkan lagi karnival ini..!!

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Jovita Rashida

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i telah menggunakannya selama 1 bulan sekarang

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Ai Ling Kee

I just realised my finisher dress doesnt have the print out of the distance at the back.. i onow its rather late to inform..but kindly advice..thanks

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Beryl Ho

Letting go Revive Retro Run Malaysia 2015 run (5KM, non-competitive) ticket due to unable to participate on the event day.

Event date: 17 May 2015

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Gillian Bayford

Such a great vision for woman to know that they were created to bless the World.....EVERY WOMAN IS A KEY TO GENERATION..

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Tadom Base

Tadom Base proudly presents the Warrior Sprint 2015! 3km seems easy? Wait till you get through the 30 obstacles! Registration opens now till 30th April!

Warrior Sprint 2015

Distance: 3 + 30 < Over 3km race + 30 obstacles > Difficulty of course: The 3km trail run might be a small case for some constant runners, the 30 obstacles may take you down. Avg. finish time: 2 hours Fastest finish time: 1 hour 20 minutes Special Gear Needed: We highly recommended that all warriors wear gloves. Date: May 10th, 2015 (Sunday) Time: 7:00am Venue: Kampung Orang Asli, Bukit Tadom, Banting (view map at https://goo.gl/maps/WRqAI) Fee: RM68/pax (3 pax and above) and RM75/pax (Individual) Online Registration: http://bit.ly/1E8gLy8 Registration opens till 30th April only! For more info, Call: 019 690 5555 / 03 7986 0076 Email: info@tadombase.com Website: tadombase.com

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Malaysia Women Marathon

We want to congratulate one of the participants in MWM 2015. We received news that she won an award for being the "Inspiring Woman" by the Mahkota Medical Center in Malacca. She had aspired to do well in her marathon at MWM and for her

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she is my friend <3

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Thank you very much MWM 2015!

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Shafeka Peka

Run For Life 4.0 2015
A chance to Change!
Due to many request and popular demand of this charity run, we now announce that this charity run is Open For All Citizens.

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Malaysia Women Marathon

Dear ladies, you may upload/download your e-cert from this link. Thank you for your participation. http://event.howei.com/ecert/142/mwm2015

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Upload or download?

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An Drenaline UnGu VioLet Idayu Hamid Lisa Chew Ayang Ati

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Tq apeng

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Foo Keet Hoe

Hey to all of you do you know that you can contribute to fight in children's right just by running ? we are a maroarthon which aim to raise fund for the voice of the children foundation which help in protecting childrens right.

Maroarthon 2015 Registration Form

Kindly fill in the form with BLOCK LETTERS

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Christine WU

anybody has the link for the astro bella which was televised yesterday?

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Kelly Lim

It's been three years, I have participated MWM, could you tell me why finisher pendant looks so lousy?

Like · Comment · Share · 13 Mar

I got same problem also ...!!

Like · 13 Mar

It's supposed the most awesome finisher pendant ever, what's happen to this year??

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laugh die me

Like · 13 Mar

m'siawomenmarathon @mywomenmarathon

Kathrine Switzer @MalaysiaWomenMarathon in April 7, 2013 http://t.co/jbo9nN4r

Reply · Retweet · Favorite · 28 Jan
m'siawomenmarathon @mywomenmarathon

the finisher tee.... http://t.co/sdzfFaZ7

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